Junior (Ages 5 – 8 years)


This programme focuses on stimulating a child’s mindset and intelligence. It trains observational abilities, creative mind processes, designing abilities and concept development through drawing and colouring.

The development of a student’s character is reinforced in this programme through painting. The outcome is to have them be creative, enthusiastic, tough and do not give up easily.


This class is for children 5 years and above. The materials used in these sessions are paper, oil-pastel crayons, water colour and poster colour paints. Having learned about shapes, this programme teaches how to use those shapes to form figures. Students are trained to understand perspective; how to represent near and far objections in a drawing or painting. This programme stresses creativity and encourages imaginative paintings from development of more realistic objects and subjects.

In this class, character development is taught through painting. Children are encouraged to be creative, enthusiastic, obedient, tough and to not give up easily.