About the instructor

I grew up in Java surrounded by art. My father was already a well-established artist and creative consultant by the time I was a small child. As my mentor he instilled in me a love and passion for art as well as the joy of teaching.

After winning several regional, national and international children’s painting competitions I worked with my father as an assistant painting & drawing tutor. Since 1996 I’ve been registered in my own right as a tutor & teacher for painting by the Department of Culture (Indonesia).

Once I graduated from the University of Indonesia in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree, my love of art and children drew me back into teaching. For several years I worked as an art teacher at private schools around Jakarta for children from kindergarten to high school age. I have specifically taught and have skills in teaching children with autism and Down’s syndrome. The diversity of children and their open-minded approach to art and creativity never ceases to motivate and amaze me. I am passionate about developing a child’s imagination and skills through art.

In 2013 I moved, with my family (husband Tim and my now 8 yr old son Micah) to the beautiful climate and shores of Australia. Here we are embarking on new adventures and I am very excited to be teaching to a new and exciting pool of different kids.

Aretha Christie
& Owner